Victoria Falls Adventure Golf

Victoria Falls Adventure Golf was one of our favourite things to do in Bath with kids. Crazy golf in Bath is a really fun outdoor kids activity – actually the adults enjoyed this one too!

When we all needed a break from culture and history,  crazy golf in Bath city centre was the perfect activity. The course is 18 holes and takes you through stunning gardens, over bridges, around streams and past water features. It’s a very pretty mini golf course but don’t expect to find any moving windmills or cheesy grinning clowns to navigate your way through here. 

Where is mini golf in Bath?

Victoria Falls Adventure Golf is part of the Excel tennis centre in Royal Victoria Park near the Royal Crescent.  It’s right next door to the site for pop up venues Bath On The Beach and Bath on Ice. 

Do you need to pre-book mini golf in Bath?

You don’t need to pre-book mini golf in Bath. We turned up on the day and we’re given our sanitised clubs and balls right away. Having said that it was busy in the course, surprisingly so given that it was a Monday afternoon outside our regular state school holidays. We often had to wait for the hole in front of us and had a queue behind us. 

Is crazy golf in Bath buggy-friendly? 

The course is not particularly buggy friendly. We carried Max in his baby carrier – yes is did impede play slightly but he was calm and happy the whole way round so that made the entire activity possible. We had to carry the buggy up and down a few steps and lift over one or two rocky obstacles. If the baby was in the buggy it would have been tricky. 

What age is Victoria Falls Adventure Golf suitable for? 

I would say this Adventure golf course in Bath is suitable for children of school age up to adults. Our girls were 7 and 9 when we played they absolutely loved it. There were plenty of other families playing too alongside small groups of adults. Toddlers might struggle with the game and would need a lot of supervision. Golf clubs can be pretty dangerous if swung by an overly enthusiastic toddler!! That’s not to say younger kids wouldn’t enjoy themselves too though. 

Is Bath Mini Golf Covid safe?

From a Covid perspective the venue felt safe. It’s all outdoors, apart from payment and collecting your clubs at the beginning which is done at a desk right by the door to the Excel Tennis Centre. We could easily distance from other players and the clubs and balls were all sanitised before use.

Mini Golf Bath – Top tips for families 

  • Go to the loo before you play. It’s not impossible to make your way off the course midway, but it is a pain. One of the girls needed a loo break half way round which worked out fine, but she did miss a hole as there was a queue of people behind us and we couldn’t hold up play. When we visited the toilets in the Excel Centre were closed. Thankfully we’d had lunch at Bath on the Beach just beforehand and they were happy with us using their toilets. 
  • Take water and snacks with you. It takes longer than you might think to get around 18 holes and you won’t want to stop play once you’ve started. 
  • Don’t lose your ball! Not always in your control, but do try to keep hold of your golf ball. We lost one in the bushes. It wasn’t a problem sharing a ball until the last hole which keeps your ball! Once we figured that out we caught one of the balls before it sunk so the last player could have a go. 

I can’t believe this was our first time ever playing mini golf as a family. The girls really enjoyed enjoyed it! It’s definitely inspired my girls to pick up a golf club, something they’d previously considered very boring and a game only their Grandpa and Uncles enjoyed! It took us a couple of hours to do the full 18 holes. I don’t know how long exactly it took us as I wasn’t watching the clock  but I do remember us all being very surprised at how late it was when we finally emerged from the course. Time flies when you’re having fun!