Hiru Resort and Kitesurfing is a delightful complex of bungalows

All the resorts around Kalpitya area look like they’re getting set up for an explosion of tourism. The area has an air of expectation around it – like they’re just waiting to be discovered. 

But for now, Kalpitya is quiet. 

Hiru Resort and Kitesurfing is delightful. It’s a complex of little bungalow huts in a very remote part of North Western Sri Lanka.

Accomodation at Hiru Resort and Kitesurfing

Each of  the bungalows in the resort has a beautiful outside bathroom. The resort has a small pool (which was almost always empty) and a restaurant area, all just a minute or two walk from the beach. Although it isn’t directly on the beach, you can just see the sea from the restaurant and it’s a very short walk to reach the sand. 

We stayed in one of the family rooms at Hiru Resort which was brilliantly set up for our family of 4. 

The family rooms have a mezzanine floor for the kids to sleep on. We had plenty of space for the family. The room had good air con and we got a small fan for the mezzanine to help the cooler air circulate up to the kids. 

Bathroom towels were provided and we could request beach towels as well. 

Eating at Hiru Resort and Kitesurfing

We had breakfast at Hiru every morning and we ate lunch there most days too. Meal times were always fun.

With the language barrier, we never did manage to explain that our youngest doesn’t like eggs to any of the restaurant staff. They routinely served her an omelette every morning. The conversation usually went like this…


Yes please

You like omelette?

Yes, for 3 please *we hold up 3 fingers*.

We point at Miss 5 saying no omelette, shaking our heads and asking for toast by pointing at the toaster.

They nod and smile.

They serve a fruit platter.

They serve pancakes and treacle.

They serve everyone omelettes.

We laugh and Miss 7 eats the extra omelette.

This repeats. Every. Single. Day. 

Despite the communication struggles and the plates of food we never ordered, we loved the restaurant staff. My girls were so disappointed when the lady took a day off (how dare she 😂) and they did lots of artwork for her to put up on the walls in the kitchen. 

Every morning they would ask if we were there for lunch and dinner. They like to start preparing the food in advance. The Sri Lankan food was excellent. The more Western food like pasta was very expensive and they didn’t quite get the flavours right so the girls opted to stick with rice and grilled fish or prawns. We had to be very clear when ordering that they did not want spice. Sri Lankan’s LOVE chilli! It’s in everything!

There is tea, coffee and filtered water available for free all the time.


Other facilities at Hiru Resort and Kitesurfing

We lost power entirely for a couple of days of our visit but that wasn’t down to the resort. There was a power outage across the whole of the area. The WiFi was ok, they did keep running out of data and not all the staff knew how to top up. That was frustrating when we were trying to work and to research and book accommodation for Negombo!

Hiru Resort helped us to book a couple of trips out, we went dolphin watching and on a safari at Wilpattu National Park to see elephants and Leopards. Both these trips were amazing! Be sure to click the links and read our experiences.

We would definitely recommend Hiru Resort and Kitesurfing for your stay in Kalpitya. It’s not a high-end luxury hotel – let’s be honest they are few and far between in this part of Sri Lanka. It’s beautifully rustic and set up really well for families with young kids. 


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