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Hi, I’m Rachel and…

I’m a compulsive holiday booker. You could say I have itchy feet but that sounds a bit grim so we’ll call it wanderlust! I’m a mum of (almost) 3, wife to Rich and we love to explore the world as a family.

Travel expands our world and deepens our connection as a family in so many ways. And for that, I am forever grateful. I daydream about quitting it all and travelling full time … just like hubby and I did pre-kids. But for now I’m enjoying booking mini adventures in school holidays and weekends.

With my blog I aim to help parents get out of their ‘holiday rut’ and plan more adventurous family holidays. I believe no where is off limits with kids and my travel tips, destination guides and reviews make exploring other cultures more accessible and less scary for parents.

Fresh out of university I travelled across Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and South Africa. On my own! People thought I was crazy but it was the best experience of my life. I was caught by the travel bug. When I met my now husband I convinced him to quit our jobs and travel the world with me again.   This time we travelled across South East Asia, India, Sri Lanka, headed up to Japan, then over to New Zealand, the Cook Islands and the USA. The problem with traveling is that it’s never enough, and I don’t think I will ever feel ‘done’. These days our adventures tend to be restricted by work and school holiday dates BUT we don’t let the fact that we’re parents stop us from exploring the world.



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We use multi-channel collaboration across my website and social platforms to create content to highlight your brand, demonstrating how your travel related products, and family experiences can be of value to our audience.

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